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Cover Birthmarks

Sometimes you may want to hide a birthmark -- so use the very best birthmark coverup! Smart Cover gives you the ability to conceal birthmarks with our special makeup formula that's healthy for your skin and won't clog pores. Whatever you want to hide or conceal -- Smart Cover's birthmark concealer has you covered!

Professional makeup artist to the stars, Christina Smith, swears by Smart Cover's unique formula when she needs to make an actor look flawless. She says, "I love the coverage I get from Smart Cover concealers."

Why choose Smart Cover's concealing makeup to cover birthmarks? Because you get coverage where you want it until you take it off with Smart Cover! Our waterproof, non-comedogenic formula is long-lasting

and smudge-proof. Other brands of concealing makeups don't give you such complete coverage in your best shade. Look your best for under $35!

Purchase the Deluxe Starter Kit

Try the Deluxe Starter Kit, and you'll see why the stars love it! Choose your shade now:

* Actual colors may vary from those shown on your monitor

Price: $33.95

Kit Contains

These products are ALL included in the kit, or may be purchased seperately.

Concealing CremeConcealing Creme Our Vitamin Beauty Stick has an anti-oxidant enriched forumula tonourish dry, wrinkled skin around the eyes and lips!Vitamin Beauty Stick The Smart Cover Stick provides spot-specific coverage for dark circles, blemishes and fine lines!Smart Cover Stick Smart Cover Color Corrector helps adjust concealing cream shades to match your complexion!Color Corrector Moisture Primer LotionMoisture Primer Lotion Blending Sponges

Your kit also contains a camouflage brush and travel kit - a $10 value!