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Created the Hollywood Kit Make-Up Artist Kit exclusively for Smart Cover Cosmetics.

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When you have a blemish, pimple, tattoo, or other visible sign of stress or imperfection on your face or body, you want to cover it up naturally and let your beauty shine through.

Smart Cover Cosmetics has been designed by professionals and is used by celebrities and trusted by consumers for over 15 years. Developed by a team of professionals who created the first line of Black cosmetics, Smart Cover Cosmetics has the products to take care of all your concealing needs.

When you head out for the day or evening, you want to look your best. Unfortunately when dark circles appear, birthmarks are noticeable, or if you suffer from Rosacea, Varicose Veins, Vitiligo, or other conditions; our skin often has other ideas.

The corrective make up from Smart Cover Cosmetics can take care of hiding your skin problems. Smart Cover offers a variety of camouflage makeup, concealer makeup and cover up makeup to give you a fresh, natural look while keeping your skin imperfections under cover.

Smart Cover products have been allergy tested and have been recommended for years by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons worldwide. Even if you have issues with fragrance you can utilize our products, as they are 100% fragrance-free.