The Official "Camouflage Make-Up" to the Ben-Gals

Smart Cover Cosmetics is the Official "Camouflage Make-Up" to the Ben-Gals, The NFL Cheerleaders for the Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals

"Our team loves Smart Cover for many reasons!! The Bend-Gals use it for concealer on face and body and the coverage is awesome. Our legs are always in the spotlight so we're impressed with how well it works to camouflage all the skin flaws and imperfections on legs."

- Charlotte Jacobs
Director of Cheerleaders, Cincinnati Ben-Gals

Even the beautiful Ben-Gals, the official Cheerleaders for the NFL Cincinnati Bengals Football team weren't born perfect, they just need to look that way as they cheer their team on.

That's why so many of them depend on Smart Cover Cosmetics to hide their tattoos, dark eye circles and blemishes. They especially love the way it lasts during a game under hot lights and in all kinds of weather.

Let's hear what some of the Squad members have to say about Smart Cover®:

Tiffany (Tattoo on Lower Back)

Tiffany Before & After
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Teresha (Tattoo on Chest)

Teresha Before & After
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