Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions our customers have about Smart Cover! You may also be interested in viewing our Ingredient list, or knowing How to Use Your Kit.

General FAQ

Smart Cover Concealers

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General FAQ

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Absolutely. We have taken every precaution to make your transactions secure. Our Internet site utilizes industry-standard security measures, including SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Nevertheless, if you prefer, we also offer you the option of submitting your order by telephone or fax. Click Here for the numbers.

All account information submitted to us is safely isolated from unauthorized Internet access.

Sales Tax

We are required by law to charge sales tax on orders being shipped to New Jersey (6.875%).

How can I pay for my order?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

How much will my processing & handling (including shipping charges) be?

Please Refer to our Customer Service page.

What if I need to return my order?

Please Refer to our Customer Service page.

What if you don't have all of the items in stock?

If an item you ordered is out of stock, it will be back-ordered automatically (domestic orders only). For international orders, we will E-mail you of the missing items to confirm the balance of your order.

What is your policy on Privacy?

Please Refer to our Privacy Policy page.

Smart Cover Concealers

What is the difference between Smart Cover Concealers and the Perfect Touch Camouflage Cremes?

Smart Cover Concealers are for the face and the body and have more of an opaque coverage. The concealers dry down to a matte finish. The Perfect Touch Camouflage Creme has lighter weight coverage and is more blendable. Perfect to conceal dark eye circles, blemishes and smaller skin imperfections on the face.

How will I know what shade to use?

You may find one shade works alone or you can blend two together to custom match your skin tone. For new customers we recommend purchasing the Deluxe Starter Kit, which gives you 3 shades in case you need a different shade for your face and your body, or your complexion changes with the season. When you run out of one of the shades, you can reorder your shades on line at any time.

I am very allergic, are Smart Cover products right for me? Are they hypo-allergenic?

Researchers at Smart Cover have had all the concealers allergy and Dermatologist-tested and they have proven to be non-irritating. However, each skin varies and if you are concerned, we can send you literature with all the ingredients to review with your physician. All products are fragrance-free. and Smart Cover is not tested on animals.

Is the product non-comedogenic?

Smart Cover Concealing Creme has been laboratory tested and is considered non-comedogenic.

How do I remove the concealers?

Using warm water and soap will remove the concealers.

I have vitiligo/eczema/rosacea/psoriasis/lupus disease. Can I use Smart Cover?

People with more serious skin conditions such as Vitiligo, Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis or Lupus have benefited from Smart Cover and many Dermatologists recommend it in their offices to their patients. However, if you want to be sure, talk to your physician first, and we will be happy to send you some literature with all the ingredients listed to discuss with your doctor.

Will Smart Cover rub off on my clothes?

The product is smudge-resistant. For best results, we suggest applying the concealer and allowing it to dry for at least 5 minutes, especially on the legs. After drying, Flori likes to spray them with a mist of water, then blot gently for maximum coverage.

I've just had plastic surgery, can I use it on my face while I'm healing?

Yes, but please check with your physician before applying Smart Cover. Most of our plastic surgery patients use Smart Cover Concealing Cremes two weeks after their surgery, or when all wounds are healed.

Does the Smart Cover Stick come in different shades?

No, it's a universal shade of Neutral Beige that works on most skin tones. You can apply it under your make-up, over your make-up or alone.

Does Smart Cover Concealing Creme have sun protection?

Smart Cover has sun protection qualities because of the density of the pigments used, but there has been no SPF testing done at this time. For best sun protection, we recommend using a sunscreen first, then applying Smart Cover concealers.

Can I wear my own make-up with Smart Cover?

Yes, you can blend your regular make-up with Smart Cover products. However, many women with uneven skin tone have chosen to use Smart Cover as an all-over waterproof, lasting foundation. Smart Cover can also be used with your usual powder blusher and eye make-up.

What vitamins are in the Vitamin Stick?

The Vitamin stick is an active anti-oxidant enriched formula with Vitamin A, C and E. It works to soften dry wrinkled skin around the eyes and lips where the first signs of aging begin.

Will Smart Cover cover scars, acne pock marks or stretch marks?

Smart Cover will improve their appearance and discoloration but cannot take away the indentations or raised marks left by these skin conditions.

How will I know how to apply Smart Cover?

The Smart Cover-Up Special comes with a complete instruction booklet listing all ingredients, and simple, how-to apply directions that anyone can use. It is a one-step process because it goes on so creamy and there is no setting powder needed.

Why is Smart Cover different from other concealers?

Smart Cover was developed by Flori Roberts, the pioneer of Corrective Cosmetics and the creator of Dermablend. Flori uses the latest technology to create this exceptional camouflage make-up.

How is this product different from Dermablend?

Smart Cover uses newer technology. It s a one-step process. It goes on creamy and dries to a matte finish without setting powder. It s much more user friendly.

I have pouches under my eyes, what can I do?

Smart Cover cannot take away the pouches, but it can improve their appearance. Use the Cover Stick included in your kit and apply to the dark shadows underneath the pouches to minimize the look. Then, blend edges with fingertips.

Moisture Primer Lotion

What makes your Moisture Primer Lotion different?

Our Moisture Primer is an invisible moisture shield that smoothes and prepares the skin for Smart Cover concealers.