Getting Started with Smart Cover

Step 1: Moisture Primer Lotion

Prime the skin before applying your make-up with the Moisture Primer Lotion. Its non-greasy formula smoothes skin and creates the perfect base for the Smart Cover Concealers.

Step 2: Concealing Crèmes

Matching Your Skin Tone - You have 3 shades of Concealing Crème in your Smart Cover Kit. Choose the shade that best matches your skin by testing a small amount on the side of your face. If one shade works that’s fine. If you need to mix 2 shades, just spread a little of each in the palm or on top of your hand and mix with your fingertips until the color looks right. Then apply as needed and blend the edges with fingertips or blending sponges that are included.

Hiding Facial Flaws - Decide what you need to cover. For small problem areas like a blemish or age spot, use a small amount to cover the imperfection. It can be applied with your fingertips or the camouflage brush for hard to reach areas. For larger areas like a birthmark or acne scarring, you might use Smart Cover as an all over, natural-looking foundation.

Hiding Body Flaws - When covering body flaws, the waterproof Concealing Crème works to conceal everything from tattoos to varicose veins. Just apply the right shade in an up and down sweeping motion until you get the amount of coverage you need; always blending the edges. You may have to re-apply on deep pigmented tattoos. Allow the concealing crème to dry completely to a lasting, matte finish.

Step 3: Cover Stick

Comes in one neutral shade and is a quick fix for dark eye circles. (or a last minute zit!) Apply like a lipstick directly on and around the shadowed area, being sure to reach the inner corners of the eye. Blend and re-apply as needed. May be worn alone or with your regular make-up regimen as an under eye concealer.

Step 4: Vitamin Beauty Stick

Filled with vitamins and antioxidants to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles around the lips and eyes. Easy to use night and day to prevent dryness and the visible signs of aging.

Just a few personal tips... Don’t be afraid to experiment to see what looks and works best for you. Be sure you have good lighting and a clean mirror so you can get the best results from using Smart Cover.