Cover Tattoos

Joy Bryant

Joy Bryant wears Smart Cover in the Movie Skeleton Key.

Sometimes you need to hide a tattoo -- so use the very best tattoo coverup! Smart Cover conceals tattoos in a tattoo makeup formula that's natural looking on your skin. Whatever you want to hide or conceal -- Smart Cover's tattoo concealer has you covered! The 10 piece Deluxe Starter Kit includes 3 shades of concealing cremes so you can custom match your skin tone. Plus, you get a Color Corrector that's recommended to use on tattoos to neutralize the color.

Professional makeup artist to the stars, Christina Smith, swears by Smart Cover's unique formula when she needs to make an actor look flawless. She says, "I love the lasting coverage I get from Smart Cover concealers."

Why choose Smart Cover's concealing makeup to cover tattoos? Because you get coverage where you want it until you take it off. Smart Cover's waterproof, non-comedogenic formula is long-lasting and smudge-resistant. Other brands of concealing makeups don't give you such complete coverage in your best shade. Look perfect for under $35!