A Funny Thing Happened
on the Way to The Oscars!

The Dictator Hi!

We couldn't wait to speak with our Hollywood Make-up Artist Christina Smith, to find out whose magical make-up she did for The Oscars. We thought for sure it would be the gorgeous Milla Jojavich, since she has done the make-up for all Milla's movies, including Resident Evil 5, due out later this year.

However, much to her surprise, Christina was requested by Paramount Studios to do the intricate make-up for the one and only Sasha Baron Cohen for his appearance on the Red Carpet. Sasha is appearing in the new movie "The Dictator" and Christina had to create his beard in addition to everything else and he had her laughing all the time.

Christina mentioned that she used our Smart Cover Concealing Creme to cover his dimple. We always say Smart Cover can hide everything! Christina was even in the limo making sure that he looked just right for his appearance. Now that's showbiz!

Click here for your own make-up look.

Happy Weekend,

Nancy & Flori
Nancy & Flori Roberts
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