Now you See Him. Now You Don't

Hines Ward With His TattooNow You See His Tattoo Hines Ward Without His TattooNow You Don't!

After fourteen years with the Pittsburgh Steelers, wide receiver Hines Ward is retiring from pro football. The game won't be the same without him.

Ward regularly posted 1,000-yard receiving seasons. He was a Super Bowl MVP and a pro-bowler. He holds numerous team records for receiving. He's one of only eight players ever to catch 1,000 passes in the NFL.

He will be remembered for how played the game: joyful and unyielding.

Smart Cover was thrilled to be able to help Hines cover his tattoo when he appeared on "Dancing with The Stars." When he was interviewed in KORE Magazine, we were delighted that he requested Smart Cover as his make-up of choice for covering his tattoo!

All of us at Smart Cover wish Ward well in all his future endeavors!

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