Age Gracefully
With Your Flawless Face

Gena Rowlands

"I was thrilled when my make-up artist introduced me to Smart Cover. It hides my flaws and I love the fact that it doesn't get into my creases."

- Actress Gena Rowlands

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We wanted to share Gena Rowland's thoughts on Smart Cover. We all want to achieve that flawless, natural look; but as we age, looking natural can mean looking like we just got out of bed. How do you balance looking natural while still hiding the skin imperfections that just come with time? Smart Cover makes it easy with "Flawless Face To Go." The 5-minute make-over that helps make your mature skin look younger while hiding fine lines wrinkles, redness, dark circles and age spots.

Why is Smart Cover different? Corrective cosmetics pioneer, Flori Roberts, developed the Camouflage Creme to answer the need for her own "lived in" skin. Says Roberts, "I wanted a product that was light weight and could be used as an all over foundation. Smart Cover's camouflage creme is blendable, doesn't get into creases, fine lines or deep furrows, and doesn't give you a cakey, pasty look that can make you look older than you are. Designed for aging skin, these essential products give your face a flawless finish in just minutes that will last all day long."

This 5-minute make-over includes: Smart Cover's Camouflage Crème, Compact Finishing Powder, Two-In-One Glow Stick (for a quick hint of color on the lips and cheeks) and the All Purpose Beauty Brush.

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Nancy & Flori

Nancy & Flori Roberts