How To Keep Skin Looking Young

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There are too many ads promising too many miracles. We believe that if you follow a simple skin care regiment that is right for your skin type and age, and do it everyday, you will see results.

It also does not have to be ridiculously expensive to work. Drug stores carry great products too.
1. Choose a basic moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15, and use it daily rain or shine. UV rays cause wrinkles.
2. Use a gentle cleanser that cleans, exfoliates and leaves the skin soft and fresh, not dry.
3. Yes, you do need a night creme with anti-aging ingredients to work while you sleep. Massage over entire face and the neck area.
4. If you are getting fine lines around the eye area, you should apply an eye creme as well.
5. Your body skin needs help too. Use a lubricating lotion after you shower, paying special attention to those parts that sag first... upper arms and inner thighs.
Just start with these basics, and you will begin to see a difference...and of course Smart Cover can help hide what you can't fix! Click here to see how.

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Nancy & Flori
Nancy & Flori Roberts