Roberts' Rules of Aging


Flori wants to share with you her "Roberts' Rules of Aging."

1. Don't think about it too much – age does happen
Laughing about getting older beats the alternative
2. Take care of your body – listen to what it tells you
Good health is the best way to remain young and appear vital
3. Reach out and stay involved with people of all ages
Use the value of your experience as a social asset to network
4. Plan to live in comfort no matter how long you live
It's easier when you are financially secure and independent
5. Try new things – clothes, vacations, homes, hobbies
(Not necessarily husbands) and don't be bored or boring
6. Look as good as you can and want to – your choice
Cosmetics, Plastic Surgery, Facials, Hair Coloring, Dental Implants and more
7. Practice good nutrition as a lifestyle – no diets
Just get to your right weight and stay there – Eating can still be a pleasure
8. Find a cause in which you can truly believe
Politics, The Arts, Education, Philanthropy, Religion…Whatever brings passion
9. Use your mind to stay current and accept challenges
The memory may fade, but basic skills remain, especially if you use them
10. Enjoy the company and friendship of women
We receive sustenance and courage from each other and wisdom from the past
11. Don't let the aging process turn you negative
A positive attitude attracts friends, lovers, even your own children
12. Search for spirituality – a very special journey
This mystical connection goes beyond religious beliefs, and may require a mentor
Copyright 2012 Flori Roberts
The last rule is to remember these words Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.
The last of life for which the first was made.
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