Beauty Flash from
Budapest, Hungary!

Christina Smith
Hollywood Make-Up Artist Christina Smith

Hollywood Make-Up Artist Christina Smith sent a Smart Cover beauty flash from the set of her newest movie "Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks," in Budapest. Starring in the movie about how dancing can bring lonely people together are Gena Rowlands, Rita Moreno, Julian Sand and Cheyenne Jackson of "30 Rock" fame.

Camouflage Creme Christina is using our Perfect Touch Camouflage Creme to hide any imperfections that cannot appear on screen. She loves the natural yet complete coverage it gives, and, she says "it's especially kind to mature skin." Another favorite product that she is using is our Believeable Bronzer... not just to give a suntanned look, but also for shading on the cheekbones and neck area.

Believable Bronzer Remember, now is the season for our Bronzer to give you a suntanned look from Spring into Summer.

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Happy Weekend,

Nancy & Flori
Nancy & Flori Roberts