Making Women Beautiful

Christina Smith
Hollywood Make-Up Artist Christina Smith

Academy Award winning Make-up Artist Christina Smith and Smart Cover Co-Founder Flori Roberts celebrate making women beautiful!

Christina and Flori had a wonderful time catching up after Christina finished shooting her most recent movie "Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks" on the west coast of Florida. It was good to gossip and share some new cover-up tips she created for Gena Rowlands, who stars in this film about how social dancing can bring lonely people together.

Gena is a fan of Perfect Touch, and although she may apply it with her fingertips, Christina, always the pro, explained how she prefers to use a sponge application to soften and smooth the edges, This works especially well around the eyes and for deep furrows and wrinkles...such an easy step that can make such a difference on mature skin!

Since the movie is all about dance, Christina used the Smart Cover Concealing Creme to make more perfect legs on screen and to match all the skin tones from very fair on, she used a touch of the Color Corrector as needed.

Everyone in the cast that included Rita Moreno, Julian Sand and Cheyenne Jackson (was just in the final episode of "Smash") were grateful for the coverage they could depend on!

These long-time Girlfriends went on talking and when the time came for Christina to fly back to LA, they were already talking about the next time they might see each other -- maybe at the Academy Awards in 2014!

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Happy Weekend,

Nancy & Flori
Nancy & Flori Roberts