Smart Cover Hides it All...
and it's Waterproof!

Before & After Hi!

Looking for a cover-up that can last all day?

Want a make-up that you can feel comfortable both swimming and sweating in?

Want to feel secure that when you finish working out for the day, your varicose veins are still covered?

Then try our Smart Cover Concealing Cremes in the white tubes. They are waterproof, sweatproof and Goofproof!

And, they do double duty as waterproof makeup for the face and the body with coverage that looks very natural. Smart Cover has a proven formula that's been allergy tested and Dermatologist tested.

Concealing Creme And, here are some tips when at the pool or beach:
  • Apply the concealers in an up and down sweeping motion when covering your legs. Don't feel you need to cover every inch, just give them a better appearance.

  • After you get out of the pool or ocean, just pat dry with a towel or air dry.
If you would like to try our waterproof concealing cremes in the shade that's right for you, click here and see the Smart Cover difference.

All the best,

Nancy & Flori
Nancy & Flori Roberts