Taking Care Of Your Skin
In Your 50's


As long as women take advantage of all the new body and skin care techniques that are available to them today, they can look better than ever and redefine middle age. It's never too late to have better diet, more exercise and yes, to even stop smoking. No doubt, women in their 50's do begin to notice that eyebrows, skin tone and hair begin to fade. That's Ok. You just need to remember these 3 words: Just Add Color!

Here's some advice from the experts on how you do it:
  • Use a highly emollient moisturizer which will help keep your skin looking fresher and reduce the appearance of the fine lines.
  • Choose a creamy moisturizing foundation so that your make-up doesn't collect in the creases. If you want to cover your imperfections as well, our Perfect Touch Camouflage Creme will do the trick. You can use it as an all-over foundation.
  • Lip Pencil is now a must since lips lose their shape and seem to shrink. By outlining your lips, you can mask the lip lines. Smart Cover also has an Anti-Feathering Stick that you rub on the lip area before you apply your lipstick to avoid that "bleeding" look.
  • Blush - a bit of color will give your face a lift. Try to stay with the pink or peach tones; they are more natural.
  • Eyeliner is also very important to give your eyes more definition a larger appearance.
  • Brows can become sparse and begin to fade. So use a brush on brow color (it's much more natural than a thin pencil line) and select a shade close to the color of your hair.
  • Speaking of hair, its appearance is key to a youthful look. Invest in a great haircut and find a colorist who understands your needs and will cover the gray, if that's what you want.
Click here to see how Smart Cover can help you look younger. Happy Weekend,

Nancy & Flori
Nancy & Flori Roberts