Taking Care Of Your Skin
In Your 60's


Your fabulous 60's is the decade of looking good and feeling good about yourself. You've seen some of the changes in your skin and hair in your 50's; and they do continue. Some you can help, some just become part of you. But, you can enjoy your appearance in your 60's. After all, good living and experience does count!

Here are a few tips:
  • Continue with your moisturizing regimen and your creamy foundation.
  • Now, even a cream blush will last longer and not tug at the skin.
  • Use concealers to hide the dark eye circles and the tired eyes look.
  • A concealer such as Smart Cover's Perfect Touch Camouflage Crème helps hide the dark circles and age spots that can show more with your thinning skin.
  • Eyeliner will help keep your eyes defined.
  • Lipliner is a lifesaver for lips, and helps soften the aging lip lines. At this point, you may notice that your lips seem to recede and need plumping with Smart Cover's Lip Plumper Stick.
  • And finally, a lipstick that will add just the right amount of color – not too much, not too bright.
  • Hair color should be lighter not darker. It can be full of highlights. We always say why go gray when you don't have to?
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Happy Weekend,

Nancy & Flori
Nancy & Flori Roberts