Learn How flatter Your Features


Did you ever wish you could change your nose? Or your chin?

Well, contouring can help change your facial features temporarily. Imperfect features can appear more attractive so you can enjoy looking in the mirror.

Believable Bronzer Hollywood Make-Up Artist Christina Smith recommends using our Smart Cover Believable Bronzer for contouring. You can make a receding chin have better definition by highlighting the jaw bone. You can even contour a nose that's too wide. Just apply the Bronzer down both sides to make the nose appear slimmer. For a forehead that's too broad, apply the Bronzer to the outer corners and blend to the hairline. You can also watch chubby cheeks seem much thinner by shadowing beneath the natural cheekbone to create a more sculpted look.

The Believable Bronzer is unique because it doesn't look fake or orange!

Remember our golden rule -- highlight your best and contour or shadow away the rest!

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Nancy & Flori
Nancy & Flori Roberts