The 10 Commandments of Lipstick

Step aside, gloss. Lipstick is back in a big way, making mouths look strong, rich, and thoroughly refined. Here, the rules for doing lipstick right, right now.


Lipsticks can change your wardrobe. It's an affordable way to make a fashion statement. To help show you how, we wanted to share this article from ALLURE Magazine and to mention that Smart Cover Anti-Aging Sticks can enhance your lips!

1. Start Fresh
Start fresh. Exfoliate lips once or twice a week then follow with balm. (Smart Cover has our Lip Pumice Stick that exfoliates the lips and our Tea Tree Oil Stick naturally lubricates the lips).
2. Avoid Too Much Sparkle
"Shimmer can look cheap," says makeup artist Troy Surratt. Look for lipsticks with a creamy finish. "Light reflection should come from moisture in the formula, not metallic pigments," he says (Our Two-in-One Glow Stick has a creamy finish and can be used even on the cheeks)!
3. Find the Right Bright
Choose a bright shade based on your lips' natural color-not your skin tone. Women with pale lips look best in cherry red or coral; for naturally reddish lips, try hot pink, orange, or cranberry; for dark lips, brick red and burgundy are ideal.
4. Look Good Nude
The prettiest nude lip color is slightly brighter or deeper than your skin tone. If you're pale, look for something with a hint of pink. Those with yellow or olive undertones or dark skin look best with sandy beiges.
5. Avoid the Vampire Effect
Blue-or black-based shades that are too dark can be severe, aging, and even a little scary. Look for lipsticks with berry undertones instead.
6. Don't Worry About Liner
Liner is no longer a must-most lipsticks don't bleed," says Surratt. But, Flori says they certainly help define your lip line as you age. To enhance your Cupid's bow or add symmetry, use a pencil that matches your lips, not your lipstick. If you find that you have some lipsticks that bleed, (Smart Cover's Anti-Feathering Stick will help prevent it).
7. Soften the Edges
Careful application is good; clinical precision isn't. Just smudge the border of your lips slightly.
8. Start in the Middle
When applying any shade of lipstick, start at the center of lips and blend color out toward the corners of your mouth. Never apply it directly to the corners of your mouth-it will look clownish.
9. Don't Overdo It
Prevent a strong lipstick shade from looking heavy by swiping it on just your bottom lip, pressing lips together, and using your finger to distribute the color over your mouth.
10. Blot, Blot, Blot
To make your lipstick last longer, apply it straight from the tube, blot with a tissue, then swipe it on again. "Blotting will create a base, and the second coat adds shine and coverage," says Surratt.
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Nancy & Flori
Nancy & Flori Roberts