Roberts Rules of Camouflage

Moisturizing Face Hi!

As a pioneer in the art of concealing imperfections, I wanted to share with you a few simple rules to follow, whether you are hiding a birthmark or a blemish. Remember it is OK to follow your own rules as you get to know Smart Cover products and how they can work for you.....we are user friendly!

1. Whether you are covering a facial flaw or a body bruise, be sure your skin is clean, dry and well moisturized, but never greasy. You want to have a smooth surface for best results. For better accuracy, use a magnifying mirror and choose a well lit area that is comfortable.

Pick your targets, and decide the best means of camouflage for your specific problem.
2. Dark Eye Circles
Most of us deal with this problem at some time in our lives. It can come from lack of sleep, heredity discoloration or pigment build-up that just won't go away, and it's aging... Try using a creamy concealer like our Smart Cover Stick or Perfect Touch Camouflage Creme so it glides over the shadows and won't settle into the fine lines and creases. Pat the concealer on your dark areas first and blend the edges.... don't forget those dark innermost corners and if your fingertips won't reach try a camouflage brush.
3. Varicose Veins and Body Flaws
For large areas on the body, especially on the legs, choose a shade slightly darker than your skin tone so it appears more natural. Christina Smith our Hollywood make-up adviser, always uses a slightly damp sponge for easy, even application. Don't try to cover every spot, but use an up and down motion to hide the veins or stretch marks and have them appear natural. The Smart Cover Concealing Creme is also waterproof, an important plus for well lived-in legs. Always wait about 5 minutes for the concealer to dry-down completely.
4. Birthmarks
Birthmarks come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and shades. Those affecting the face, head and neck are often a great source of embarrassment, especially among women and children. If the mark is flat, camouflage is the bes option to deal with the problem without surgery, An opaque concealer with total coverage is recommended and Smart Cover's Concealing Creme will last all day, once properly applied. It is best to build your coverage to avoid a cakey look and to blend the edges carefully with a triangular sponge. Hide it but keep it natural.
5. Setting Process
The final step to effective cover-up is to set it and seal it without adding color. A translucent, lightweight powder such as our Compact Finishing Powder is recommended, preferably in compact form so you can carry it for touch-ups as needed during the day. A powder brush works well to apply it sparingly on face and body and a soft puff is fine for touch-ups. The key is to use less rather than more to keep your skin looking natural and "not made-up."
So much more I would like to share, especially for those women and girls troubled by Acne and the scars that often come with it. Will be back soon since Nancy and I truly believe that when you look in the mirror you deserve to look and feel your best!

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Happy weekend,

Nancy & Flori
Nancy & Flori Roberts