How Well Do you Know Your Body?
We asked Dr. Oz!

Dr OzDr OzDr Oz
Flori met Dr. Oz at a recent appearance in Florida to introduce his new book entitled You, The Owner's Manual


It was both inspiring and informative to learn that between your full-length mirror and even your fitness class, there is a lot to learn about your body that you probably don't know about. Dr. Oz's new book is about the key to longevity and having a great quality of life!

Here are a few chapter names you might enjoy reading:
  • Your Body, Your Home: Super Health
  • The Beat Goes On: Your Heart and Arteries
  • Do you Mind: Your Brain and Nervous System
  • To A Lung Healthy Life: Your Lungs
  • Gut Feelings: Your Digestive System
  • This Gland is Your Gland: Your Hormones
  • Sex Marks the Spot: Your Sexual Organs.
Below are a few of his common sense guidelines that he shared with us that can make you healthier and younger:
  • Maintain a healthy weight for your body and age. The oversize of your waist can predict health risks.
  • Get enough sleep. At least 6-8 hours a night.
  • Exercise daily if possible.
  • Don't fear the physical signs of aging. A positive attitude works best.
  • Practice Stress Control at work and at home.
  • Love and satisfying relationships can help keep you young, and that includes girlfriends.
  • With your physician, be aware of medical advances that can keep your body well and strong.
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    Be Well - Stay Happy,

    Nancy & Flori
    Nancy & Flori Roberts