Sunlit Face April is National Stress Awareness Month

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Stress - it's the leading cause of illness in the United States. And job stress is the major source of stress for the majority of American adults. Feeling out of control and overwhelmed can easily lead to serious illness.

According to Small Business Expert, Susan Solovic, stress can affect your life and your business. Susan shares with us her 5 steps to take control of both!

1. Start your day right. Start your day doing something you enjoy. Eat a good breakfast. Take a walk. Enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee and read the newspaper. I try to hit the gym early every morning which gives me a great boost for the day. Whatever it is you enjoy, take time for yourself in the morning. If you start your day off like a crazy person, it will impact how you feel and act the rest of the day. So begin with a peaceful mindset.
2. Get a good night's rest. Stress causes sleepless nights and when you don't get enough sleep fatigue sets in. I think everyone has those occasional nights when business worries keep you awake, but if it becomes a constant problem then you need to address the situation. Lack of sleep can cause you to lose your focus, impairing your ability to make sound business decisions. Consider speaking to your physician if stress is preventing you from getting adequate rest.
3. Take breaks during your day. Previously, I was the type of person who buried my head in my work all day, rarely taking time to even eat. If I did eat something, I'd stay at my desk while I continued to work. Not a good idea for you or me. You need to take breaks during the day to clear your mind. Breaks provide the opportunity to decompress. You'll come back fresher, more relaxed and you'll accomplish more.
4. Stay organized. Stress can lead to a lack of focus which creates a lack of organization which results in more stress. It's a vicious cycle. You can help yourself manage your stress by disciplining yourself to stay organized.
5. Find outside enjoyment. Don't allow your business to consume you. Schedule "me time" for yourself. Spend time with your friends and family. Whatever is fun for you - do it. Don't end your work day by grabbing a fast food meal and spending the remainder of the evening on the coach with your laptop or smart phone nearby. Have some fun.
Susan suggests trying these few ideas for a month to see if it doesn't help you manage your stress level. Get your stress under control and you will benefit as a result.

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