May 15th is Vascular Birthmarks Foundation's International
Day of Awareness. Celebrating
20 Years of Helping Others!

Smart Cover is Proud to Be Part of the Initiative!

Before & After
Diane has been wearing Smart Cover since we introduced our line over a decade ago. She was born with a Port Wine Stain and as a music teacher, she always wanted to always have her birthmark covered. She says, "Smart Cover is by far the best concealer I have ever used. It stays on until I take it off and gave me the confidence to teach."

We want to congratulate and share information about a special organization that helps so many women, men and children deal with the birthmarks that they have to live with every day. We celebrate Linda Rozell-Shannon, VBF's Founder for her outstanding work to bring awareness and resources to thousands inflicted with Hemangiomas (Birthmarks) . Click here to read her poignant story of how she started this extraordinary foundation through her personal journey with her daughter Christine.

Our own Nancy Roberts is the Smart Cover Make-Up Consultant to the foundation and helps personally with all concealing needs. Smart Cover's waterproof formula is recommended by many physicians to help their patients feel more confident living with their birthmarks. Please click below and read about the 20th Anniversary.

Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

Click here to see how Smart Cover can help you!

Happy Mother's Day and don't forget Free Processing and Handling through Sunday! (Promo Code MOM)

Nancy & Flori
Nancy & Flori Roberts