Flori's Recent Experience in Berlin

Flori at the Podium
Flori at the International Women's Forum in Berlin

Flori Roberts attended and was part of the International Women's Forum in Berlin. It was an empowering experience and here are some thoughts she wants to share with you.

The Forum advances leadership across careers, cultures, and continents by connecting the world's outstanding women of significant and diverse achievements. As a long time IWF member, Flori represented the many faces of the beauty business and Smart Cover was front and center. After all, women everywhere usually have something to hide!

The subject of the conference itself was Innovation, Passion, and Change - and hundreds of successful women (and a few good men) from many nations expressed their views on the challenges and opportunities that exist for women today. Of course the conference and discussions were 24/7 and Flori was grateful for the instant power of the Smart Cover stick in hiding her dark circles.

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Happy weekend,

Nancy & Flori
Nancy & Flori Roberts