How To Stay On Top Of Your Feet And Look Sexy In Sandals This Summer!

Our 6 step plan:
1. Keep your feet and toe area (in between and all around) clean at all times. Feet on the Beach
2. While in the shower, have a pumice stick handy to gently smooth away callouses or dead skin on your toes, heels of your feet, where ever they appear.
3. After a bath or shower massage your feet, toes and heels with a lubricating lotion that absorbs without leaving a greasy residue.
4. Choosing a shade of nail polish for your toes is very personal. You may want a pale color that doesn't call attention to your less than perfect toes, but some say let it all hang out and go for dark reds and more definite colors. Whatever works for open toe shoes is the right choice for you.
5. Schedule a pedicure every 6 weeks at a reputable nail care salon. This will give you the fresh start you need.
6. And after all your beauty treatments, if those corns continue to look red and unattractive, a dab of Smart Cover Concealing Creme will make your feet more attractive. Remember, the best part is, our concealers are waterproof!
Click here for help with nicer looking feet.

Happy Summer,

Nancy & Flori
Nancy & Flori Roberts