Featured Today In It's Droolworthy!

It's Droolworthy Hi!

Smart Cover was featured today on Lifestyle Blog It's Droolworthy!. Curated by Carrie Strongwater Drazin, she writes about unique finds including cool products, books, jewelry, accessories, destinations... that seem "worthy" to drool over!

Here's what It's Droolworthy had to say about Smart Cover.
"Do you have a birthmark that you've never liked, but can't seem to find the right cover-up? Do you have a scar that has always bothered you? Did you get a tattoo and now have regrets? Cover your scar, birthmark or tattoo COMPLETELY! Smart Cover offers a range of coverage, from light touch-ups to completely opaque and it's dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic, allergy tested and fragrance-free. It is also water-proof, smudge-resistant and non-greasy." Have a great week!

Nancy & Flori
Nancy & Flori Roberts