Color Corrector

Smart Cover's
Color Corrector

Makes it even easier to
hide every skin flaw

Top Eight Reasons to Try it!  
1. Works to customize your basic Smart Cover Concealing Crème shade. Blending Colors
Makeup Blending
2. Comes in the same formula as our proven Concealing Crème, so you get lasting coverage.
3. The carefully created off white tone is just right to slightly adjust the shade to match your complexion.
4. Customers with very fair skin can now achieve a more natural look.
5. Blends and mixes easily for most types of skin.
6. Waterproof, Fragrance free, Matte Finish, No setting powder.
7. Simple to apply - Add a small amount by mixing shades in the palm of the hand, or can be applied directly to the skin and blended.
8. Can be applied directly onto a tattoo to neutralize the colors before applying the Concealing Crème.

Retail Price - $18.90 - This Weekend's Special Price only $10.00!

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Nancy & Flori
Nancy & Flori Roberts