Plastic Surgery?


We want to start the New Year off with helpful hints by sharing questions from our customers and answers from the experts. Here's one:
"I am thinking of having plastic surgery. Is there a certain age you should be to do so? Can you be too old?" We asked one of our medical advisors, Dr Rudy Thompson, a board-certified Plastic Surgeon that question and here are his thoughts:
Dr. Rudy says, "'Old' is a terminology that we use outside the medical field.

I think in the medical field, everybody has an age that's directly correlated to their medical problems. These factors are a very important part of our profession in terms of choosing who's a candidate for plastic surgery. It all depends on how healthy you are, not necessarily your age.

Also check to be sure your surgeon is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). An ASAPS member is someone who's highly specialized in cosmetic surgery. Many plastic surgeons recommend using Smart Cover post-op to help hide the bruising and redness that can occur. Click here to see what they recommend.

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Happy Weekend.

Nancy & Flori
Nancy & Flori Roberts