Famous Faces With Rosacea

William, Cynthia, and Cameron

We wanted to share this article from "Everydayhealth.com" about Rosacea.

It may start as a seemingly harmless blush but Rosacea can progressively get worse. The skin condition can cause breakouts and visible blood vessels. There's no cure, but gentle rosacea skin care can help take the red out. An estimated 16 million Americans have rosacea, so it's not surprising that celebrities are among those affected.

Prince William
According to the London Free Press, Prince William is one famous face with rosacea. Characterized by facial redness and flare-ups, this skin condition is genetic and can run in families.

Cameron Diaz
On film, this Hollywood beauty's complexion may appear flawless, but Diaz is another celebrity who struggles with rosacea.

Cynthia Nixon
"Sex in the City" star Nixon takes oral medication and uses gentle skin care to treat the condition and prevent it from getting worse. Her rosacea triggers include red wine and spicy food. She is a celebrity spokesperson for the National Rosacea Society.

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