Why Crème Blush?...

Lenore Caulton-Downey


Professional makeup artist Lenore Caulton-Downey shared her thoughts about Why Crème Blush in a recent article in PRiMEwomen.com.

According to Caulton-Downey, "As we age, the hardest product to make appear natural is blush. This is because the area at the top of the cheek where we smile – our expression lines becomes more visible; and our skin gets dryer. To convey a more youthful appearance in your cheeks, use a crème formula to keep your cheeks soft and supple."

Smart Cover has just the right product! Why our Two-In-One Glow Stick?
1. It works well on mature skin especially when the skin begins to get "Crepey."
2. The stick adds a hint of soft rosy color on the cheeks and lips.
3. You'll love the smooth consistency.
Two-In-One Glow Stick Just apply the stick directly on your cheek bones and blend with your fingertips.

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