Smart Cover's Multi-tasking Make-Up


Here are our 3 top products that make multitasking easy! Plus for our email subscribers only, get 20% off your order (until Monday, July 20th at Midnight)!

Smart Cover's Concealing Creme
for face and body. The all-purpose make-up that can be used as a “no see-thru” concealer or for needy skin as an all over waterproof foundation. Goes on creamy, dries to a matte finish and lasts all day and night. Comes in shades to match most skin tones.

Smart Cover’s Believable Bronzer
- an ultra-versatile multitasking bronzer, blusher and eye shadow all in one. It’s luminous finish will add glamour to bare shoulders and plunging necklines.

Two-in-One Glow Stick -
a sheer brightening cheek and lip color for instant lift, shape and pop!

Just put Glow in the promo code in your shopping cart and start multi-tasking right away!

Glow Girls Glow,

Nancy & Flori

Nancy & Flori Roberts