We want to introduce you to Ally McGillicuddy ...

She is a professional make-up artist working in Los Angeles. She has done a wide range of makeups from Film, TV, Music Videos, Runway, Print and Bridal. You name it and she has probably done it!

Here’s what Ally says about Smart Cover:

“I was first introduced to Smart Cover through Hollywood Make-Up Artist Christina Smith. I love that its heavy duty coverage is easily blended and buildable, perfect for scars, birthmarks and tattoos.  I always keep it in my kit in case of an emergency. On set I suddenly had to do a massive tattoo cover up and I grabbed my Smart Cover Concealing Crème and Finishing Powder (and you can see the amazing results above). Smart Cover has always had my back!”

If Smart Cover’s waterproof formula can make a tattoo disappear, just think of all the other flaws it can hide!

Click here to see some of Ally’s favorite products and how to use them!

As Ally also says:

  • “Remember to stay cool...
  • Smart...
  • And covered all Summer long!”

Happy Weekend,

Nancy & Flori

Nancy & Flori Roberts