Joseph Boggess

New York Make-Up Artist Joseph Boggess


New York Make-up Artist Joseph Boggess has been using our Smart Cover Cosmetics for many years both on top fashion models and personal TV clients. Currently, Joseph is the exclusive make-up artist for Vogue Patterns, McCall Patterns, and Butterick Patterns. Joseph' signature look is a very natural, not made up.

Here are some of Joseph's favorite Smart Cover products:
Perfect Touch Camouflage Crème

Perfect Touch Camouflage Crème - Joseph suggests using a damp sponge to apply it as an all over foundation. He says, "The coverage looks like 'perfect skin' It doesn't crease, and it's like you're not wearing any make-up but it still hides everything."

Compact Finishing Powder

Compact Finishing Powder - "It's universal and works for every skin tone. It doesn't make a Caucasian person look cakey or an African American woman look ashen. The way light responds to the pigment in the nude powder shade is fantastic and looks very natural," says Joseph.

Two-in-One Glow Stick

Two-in-One Glow Stick - Great to brighten and add color to the lips and cheeks. Joseph says, "After you apply your foundation dab the Two-in-One Glow Stick to the apples of the cheeks in a tapping motion. The rosey shade can serve as a soft, shear and moist lipstick with just enough color to enhance but not overpower."

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