The Wit and Wisdom
of Aging

Flori Roberts and Dick Smothers
Flori and Dick Smothers at a recent conference about Wit and Wisdom
Photo courtesy of Cliff Roles
Flori Roberts was one of the guest speakers along with Dick Smothers of the famous Smothers Brothers this past Tuesday in Sarasota, Florida. The conference called Wit and Wisdom was to benefit the Pines of Sarasota Senior Care Community. Over 350 people were on hand to be entertained by Dick Smothers and empowered by entrepreneur Flori Roberts. Flori began her remarks by saying, "If you want to age with Wit and Wisdom, you’re going to need a lot of makeup!" The panel discussed that no matter how old you are, you need to focus on what makes you passionate. Passion doesn’t age unless you let it! Flori encouraged the women to be stronger as they age and take charge of their own affairs. She also shared her Roberts' Rules of Aging:

1. Don't think about it too much – age does happen.
2. Take care of your body – listen to what it tells you.
3. Reach out and stay involved with people of all ages.
4. Plan to live with financial security no matter how long you live.
5. Try new things – clothes, vacations, homes, hobbies.
6. Look as good as you can and want to.
7. Practice good nutrition as a lifestyle – no diets.
8. Find a cause in which you can truly believe.
9. Use your mind to stay current and accept technology.
10. Enjoy the company and friendship of women.
© 2015 Flori Roberts

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