Contouring and
Made Easy

Makeup Artist Shaydah
So many women shy away from contouring because they feel it's too difficult. However, Minneapolis Fashion Makeup Artist Shaydah makes it easy to do. Her signature style is giving her clients more definition and a "sculpted look." These techniques will make a fuller face look thinner and even help hide the double chin.

Here are Shaydah's simple application tips:

1. First prepare and smooth your skin with Smart Cover's Moisture Primer Lotion.
2. Then apply your foundation so your face has a seamless base for contouring.
3. Use the Believable Bronzer with an angled, contouring brush and gently stroke down the sides of your nose, along the cheek bones, on the top of your forehead and under your jaw line. You will immediately see a defined, yet natural look.
4. Next take the Smart Cover Stick to "highlight" and give contrast to your newly contoured face. Shaydah suggests gently gliding the stick down the middle of your nose, under your brow bone, on top of your cheek bones, and finish with a little on the cupid bow of your lips. Blend edges as needed.

You can follow her on Instagram at #makeupbyshaydah.

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