#My Smart Cover Story

Angela Before & After Smart Cover Living life with a birthmark has been a psychological challenge. Always seeking ways to rid myself of it, I went through 12 different laser surgeries over the years. After the last, in 2004, the doctor told me that sometimes, they just don't go away.

This began my search for the perfect product to do what I ultimately needed to do, hide it. Thousands of dollars wasted on products that wiped off when adding more layers, or washing off in the rain, not matching, or not covering at all.

I have finally found "the" product that works! I have been using Smart Cover for years. Now with the "contouring" craze, I used a slightly darker cover stick to contour and a lighter camouflage creme to highlight, all while covering everything!

Smart Cover had been what I've been looking for and what I needed all along. Many thanks to the Smart Cover team!

Richmond, Virginia

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