Sandra Day, Aesthetician, Neo Derm
"How quickly time flies. I still feel 40, yet I qualify for Medicare! That's why Smart Cover is essential. It makes the scar above my left eye, and my blotchy skin disappear."

- Sandra Day,
Aesthetician, Neo Derm

Age-Defying Concealers for
Baby Boomers

With over 76 Million Baby Boomers (those ranging in age from 51-70) including actresses Sandra Bullock, Christie Brinkley, Angela Bassett and Lisa Kudrow, Smart Cover's Perfect Touch was created especially for women who think and feel younger than their years and want to look that way too! Perfect Touch

What Makes Perfect Touch so different?

Perfect Touch has been designed for spot specific coverage or as an all over seamless foundation. Its creamy texture is blendable, weightless and won't cake or seep into the wrinkles. The highly pigmented formula has staying power for up to 12 hours! Choose your Age-Defying Shades and hide those wrinkles!
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