Everyone Has Something to Hide

Celina Before & After Smart Cover

Smart Cover is proud to introduce Celina Leroy, a young actress and model who uses Smart Cover every day to hide a port wine stain birthmark.

A native of New York's East Hampton, Celina endured years of laser treatments throughout her childhood in an attempt to remove her birthmark. The treatments were unsuccessful and Celina feared that her dreams of seeing her face in magazines and her name in lights would never come true.

Concealing Creme Then she discovered Smart Cover and realized that she could book acting and modelling gigs without anyone even knowing she had a birthmark at all! Celina's confidence soared and she ultimately decided to share a makeup-free photo of herself with her hundreds of social media followers. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive, supportive and empowering.

Celina Leroy is beautiful with and without makeup and Smart Cover is thrilled to be a part of her journey.

And if Smart Cover works for Celina, think of what it can do for you!

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