Meet Our First Lady of Film Make-up! Hollywood Make-Up Artist Christina Smith

Christina Smith

Hollywood Make-up Artist Christina Smith will be featured in a new HBO documentary honoring the first women to do Makeup for Movies! Christina's film credits include Schindler's List, Jurassic Park, Steel Magnolias, Hook, and all the Resident Evil films.

Here she is with her arsenal of Smart Cover products that are always in her makeup bag. She knows that nobody's perfect up close, even the most gorgeous stars! Christina has personally done the make-up for many actresses including Helen Mirren, Milla Jojovich, Jane Krakowski, Viola Davis and Liza Minnelli.

To help everyone look more beautiful, Christina consulted with us to create our Hollywood Makeup Artist Kit, a 17 piece collection of concealers and anti-aging products for only $69.75. If purchased separately, you'd pay $264.50. Each kit contains a special booklet with all of Christina's make-up tips that she uses on the stars!

Hollywood Make-Up Artist Kit

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