Luscious Lips

Five Simple Sticks to Take Care of Your Lips

The Lip Lover's Kit from Smart Cover Anti-Aging Pick-Up Sticks Collection It's time to give your lips the same beauty treatment you give the rest of your face...

They have no oil glands and need extra help to stay smooth and more youthful...

The Lip Lover's Collection includes:


Lip Pumice Stick

This treatment stick exfoliates dry chapped lips and smoothes them to keep your lipstick shiny.

Tea Tree Oil Stick

Formulated with natural softening Tea Tree Oil that helps heal chapped lips and makes them feel so good.

Anti-Feathering Stick

This hard working stick does just what it says. Helps control fine lip lines, and the dreaded look of bleeding lipstick.

Lip Plumper Stick

For those of us with thin lips, the plumping action of the stick will help fill them out for the perfect pout.

The Two-In-One Glow Stick

This multi-purpose stick gives you a cream blush for your cheeks plus a soft tint for your lips.

You get all five sticks for Only $24.50
Retail value - $67.50 if purchased separately.
(Individual sticks available)

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