Take Smart Cover Back to
School with You!

Back to School

Here are some Back to School beauty essentials
Smart Cover Stick
Instantly hide dark eye circles, blemishes and other facial flaws with the Smart Cover Stick! Look fresh and flawless, even if you did spend all night studying!

Two-in-One Glow Stick
For a subtle hint of color on your lips and cheeks, Smart Cover's Two-in-One Glow Stick is a must-have in your knapsack. Give your lips a little shine and your cheeks just the right amount of rosy, natural color.

Believable Bronzer
Your beach days may be over but that's no reason to leave that sun-kissed look behind! Smart Cover's Believable Bronzer is the fast, easy way to keep your summertime glow going for as long as you want.

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