Facial Quick Fix

You don't need to go to an Aesthetician to keep your skin looking clean and healthy. You can give yourself facials in the privacy of your own home! However, it is best if you zero in on your skin type for best results.

Here's what some of our experts have to say:

For Oily Skin - A deep scrub works to unclog the pores and remove excess oils. It also helps to maintain a smooth complexion.

For Mature Skin - A nourishing anti-oxidant mask will help restore moisture to aging skin and minimize the wrinkled appearance.

For Dry Skin - Parched skin needs all the emollient oils it can get. The key is to find a vitamin-enriched mask that will penetrate and absorb.

For Normal Skin - We suggest using a mild scrub once a week to deep cleanse and remove dead skin cells. This helps keep your complexion looking fresh and clear day and night.

For Combination Skin - Natural ingredients such as oatmeal, cucumber, and papaya work best for this skin type. Pay special attention to the oily T-zone to help minimize enlarged pores.

Most department and drug stores carry these masks or scrubs.

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