Beauty Blog Features Smart Cover

Karen Abercrombie and Samelia
Actress Karen Abercrombie and Samelia Smart Cover Cosmetics is proud to be featured in celebrity makeup artist Samelia's wildly popular and charming beauty blog, Samelia's World.

While working with actress Karen Abercrombie (of War Room) Samelia needed a corrective concealer to hide Karen's Melasma. Samelia chose to use Smart Cover's Concealing Creme and it covered her perfectly.

Thank you Samelia for choosing Smart Cover!

Hey Worldlers,

As a celebrity makeup artist, yours truly has met and done makeup magic on a number of well, let’s just say "interesting" people in the entertainment industry. Karen Abercrombie star of director Alex Kendricks movie "War Room" is so sweet and down-to-Earth. The actress is not afraid to take a chance on someone new coming in to do makeup on her condition.

Now you may ask, "SAMELIA what condition?"

Well, Karen has "Melasma".

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