Deluxe Starter Kit

Perfect for New Customers

Smart Cover

Just $33.95 - a $129.50 value*

* when purchased separately
Make-up Before & After Deluxe Starter Kit
Make-up Before & After Deluxe Starter Kit

This 10 piece Kit contains everything you need to conceal major to minor skin imperfections on the face and body. Comes with three shades of concealing creme to custom match your skin tone PLUS a Color Corrector to lighten any shade or help cover tattoos. Waterproof, non-comedogenic & dermatologist tested.

This kit is an incredible value at only $32.95.

Hollywood Make-Up Artist Kit

Wear what the celebrities are wearing for more Star-Power!

Star Studded Kit for only $59.75 - a $245.00 value*

* when purchased separately

This Celebrity endorsed kit is only $59.75.

More Product... More Value... More Star-Power!

Designed with Hollywood Make-Up Artist Christina Smith to develop the 17 essential pieces that she cannot do without for all her celebrity clients. Now, you can have them right in your own home and you too can look picture perfect! These are the products she uses in the movies that make the stars look so glamorous.

Individual Products

Before & After Concealing Creme

Choose from our selection of six shades of Concealing Creme to custom match your skin tone.

  • Rose Beige

  • Light Beige

    Light Beige

  • Medium Beige

    Medium Beige

  • Golden Tan

    Golden Tan

  • Dark Beige

    Dark Beige

  • Deep Beige

    Deep Beige

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Perfect Touch

For Spot-Specific Coverage

Before & After Camouflage Creme

Perfect Touch Camouflage Creme gives spot-specific, complete coverage of noticable skin imperfections, especially on the face.

Acne Rescue Kit

Lightweight yet natural coverage that you can depend on


Only $22.95 - a $41.50 value*

* when purchased separately

All 3 products in a silky drawstring pouch for only $22.95.
(Retail value $41.50 if purchased separately)

Before & After Acne Rescue Kit

Three easy pieces to help rescue your skin from the look of embarrassing acne blemishes. This simple cover-up kit gives you lightweight yet natural coverage that you can depend on!

Flawless Face To Go

Your Mini Makeover in 4 Easy Pieces!

Only $34.50 - a $63.00 value*

* when purchased separately

All 4 products in a handy travel case for only $34.50.
(Retail value $63.00 if purchased separately)

Before & After Flawless Face To Go

These four essential products give your face a flawless finish in just minutes. It works fast and easy for mature skin, young skin and imperfect skin. Perfect lightweight foundation minimizes wrinkles and fine lines and gets you ready to go all day long!

Just toss it in your purse and go!

  • Perfect Touch Camouflage Crème
    (available in Neutral/Light or Neutral/Medium)
  • Compact Finishing Powder
  • All Purpose Powder Brush
  • Two in 1 Glow Stick (for a hint of color on lips and cheeks)

New Original Formula

Anti-Bruise Cream

A Breakthrough in Bruise Control

Introductory Price: $31.95 $21.95!


  • Easy to use
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Helps fade discolorations
  • Soothes and relieves bruised areas
  • Anti-Oxidant activity
  • Fragrance Free
Before Anti-Bruise Cream

Formulated by Smart Cover to help people who bruise easily or get black and blue marks heal faster and gradually improve the appearance of their skin. Anti-Bruise Cream contains natural ingredients including Arnica, Green Tea and Emu Oil known to calm the skin and speed the healing process.

It's a Healer not a Concealer!

Smart Tan Essentials

For a Safe Tan That Lasts All Day Long...All Year Long

Before & After Smart Tan Essentials

Smart Cover's Believable Bronzer offers new technology that allows you to slowly build the color you want on your face and body. You get a natural tan without looking cakey or orangey.

  • Use the believable Bronzer on your face and body for an all over healthy, sensual appearance.
  • With our "golden tan" shade of concealing creme, you can cover imperfections PLUS enjoy an instant, natural looking suntan!

The Red X Stick™

Anti-Red Concealer


  • Creamy, blendable formula
  • As easy to use as lipstick
  • Long lasting wear
  • Fragrance-free
  • Recommended by Make-up Artists
Before & After Red X Stick Make-up

The long lasting Red Out Stick is the quick fix for intense red skin flaws. Works to counteract the red before you apply your make-up. Easy to use exactly where needed. Not only does it help women mask their Rosacea, the stick can also be used on broken capillaries, spider veins, severe blotching that often comes with menopause, even the deep red bruises that can happen after injectables like Juviderm and Botox.

Anti-Aging Pick-Up Sticks Collection

For the Delicate Skin Around Womens Lips

Anti-Aging Pick-Up Sticks Before & After

This collection contains everything you need to smooth and soften lips, combat lip lines and creases, plump receding lips and achieve a healthy, youthful look.

Each one is formulated to combat the appearance of aging especially of the delicate skin around a woman's lips.