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Tired of dealing with acne, redness or skin problems – or having them show through your makeup just minutes after you apply it? Smart Cover products are designed for those struggling with skin imperfections, and to truly create a flawless, smooth look. Each product is formulated to treat a specific problem to help you get the perfect skin you desire. Some of our most popular and in demand products include:

Smart Cover Concealing Creme

Ideal for both face and body, this rich and creamy waterproof formula can cover everything from minor blemishes to scars and birthmarks. Available in a range of colors so you can find your perfect match, Smart Cover is designed to mask any imperfections while blending seamlessly into your natural skin tone.

Smart Cover Stick

A convenient and portable way to cover blemishes and other imperfections on the go, this highly pigmented and creamy formula offers long lasting coverage.

Deluxe 10 Piece Starter Kit

Each piece in this best selling kit can be used alone or as part of a full skin cover-up routine, depending on your own needs and preferences. From color correction to masking blemishes, tattoos and even large imperfections, this all in one kit features everything you need to make a lasting and beautiful impression.

The light and creamy waterproof formulas are designed to cover imperfections (and even tattoos) but not block your pores or feel heavy on your face or body. Rosacea, Dark Eye Circles, Varicose Veins and other skin issues can be covered, creating a natural looking appearance.