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  • "Smart Cover not only hides my embarrassing flaws, it also leaves my skin looking not made up." -Shelby, California
  • Before & After"Smart Cover concealing creme keeps my problem skin looking great all day, and it gives me the smooth complexion I've always wanted."-Sandi, New Jersey
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First impressions are tough and can be made even tougher with uncooperative skin. Try as you might to fight your acne, blemishes still appear at the most inconvenient times. The worst part is that the more stressed you are about your acne, the worse your acne gets; what a nightmare. Since how one looks while out in the world most definitely effects how the world reacts to you, it can be really difficult to perform even the most rudimentary of social tasks when your acne is out of control. While the proper cover-up can go a long way towards hiding these blemishes, you don't want your skin to look "cakey" or "made up". Severe acne can often need a heavy-duty cover-up job, which just leaves you looking fake and cartoonish rather than naturally radiant. Concealer should blend into your skin to create the flawless, finished look you need to help go about your day. It should make you look natural. Don't be embarrassed by your acne blemishes; flawless skin can be yours! It's all about finding the right product to work with your skin rather than fighting your skin.

Introducing Smart Cover Concealing Creme; creamy smooth cover-up that will give you even coverage quickly. Since this creme dries to a matte finish, you won't need any other product; no setting powder, and no mess in your boudoir. It is dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic so it won't clog your pores. This one-step makeup is convenient and portable; since it's packaged in a single tube you won't have to worry about taking it on the go. Acne doesn't have to be the end of the world; not when you know how to fight back.