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  • Before & After"Smart Cover concealers hide my imperfections in seconds and give my legs that youthful look I once had."-Sondra, Pennsylvania
  • "Smart Cover conceals marks on my hands all day and I never worry that it might rub or wash off. It truly takes years off my looks."-Flori Roberts, Creator of Smart Cover
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While the popularity of polka dots in terms of fashion may come and go, the appearance of brown spots on the body is almost universally dreaded, one symbol of age that most women would rather not advertise.

In the past, makeup could effectively conceal minor "freckles" and brown spots on the face, but there was little help for brown blotches on legs, arms, shoulders and hands. Covering those body parts is an option, but gloves simply are not in vogue!

Today, there is a product that will help you showcase pretty hands or proudly display still-shapely legs. The best part? Smart Cover Concealing Cream was designed by women who faced some of the same problems and were determined to do something about them. The cream is easy to use and non-greasy, dries to a matte finish, and won't smear or wear off even in heat or humidity. It is waterproof and stands up to perspiration.

Smart Cover concealer hides brown spots and imperfections perfectly no matter what you do or how active you are. Available in six skin tones from rose to deep beige, this dermatologist-tested concealing crème is non-allergenic and fragrance free. It may be applied as a touch up cream or an opaque make-up, and will maintain its lasting, fresh appearance.

It has been said that growing old takes courage. Smart Cover believes that looking younger is the smart way to face those birthdays. After all, if 60 is the new 40, older women still have a lot of living left to do. Smart Cover products will be there to help.

So, no matter when or where those age spots begin to appear, know that you can make go under cover with Smart Cover concealers. We'll help put a little youth in your life!