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Smart Cover Customer Before And Afters

  • Before & After"Smart Cover conceals marks on my hands all day and I never worry that it might rub or wash off. It truly takes years off my looks."-Flori Roberts, Creator of Smart Cover
  • Before & After"Smart Cover concealers hide my imperfections in seconds and give my legs that youthful look I once had."-Sondra, Pennsylvania
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All women want to look young and remain looking young throughout their lives. And most people would do anything to help themselves look younger, once the signs of aging begin to set in.

Unfortunately, age spots are usually the first signs of aging a woman experiences. Sometimes at a relatively young age. The shock of seeing the body begin to age is enough to make anyone scour the market for a product that promises to give them a youthful appearance.

The use of cosmetics can help anyone achieve a younger looking appearance. There are a variety of products specifically made to conceal age spots on the face, hands, legs or anywhere else on the body.

Smart Cover Concealing Crème is a unique product and is unlike any other ordinary concealing foundation. It quickly and easily conceals age spots and other marks that accentuate the characteristics of aging.

Smart Cover Concealing Crème can be applied to any part of the body for youthful, younger looking skin. It can easily take years of age away from anyone’s appearance. The effects of the Smart Cover Concealing Cream are astounding. Its creamy texture allows this product to spread quickly and evenly and once dry it has a matte finish, without having to use setting powder. It is dermatologist tested and is non-comedogenic. Smart Cover Concealing Cream is also resistant to smudging, is waterproof, non-greasy, and keeps its fresh look even through heat, perspiration and humidity.

This breakthrough formula offers a new technology, which allows the product to be used on any part of the body and on almost any type of skin. Smart Cover Concealing Crème can also be used for a range of coverage, including a light touch-up down to something completely opaque, which gives it the appearance of a natural skin tone shade.