Skin Problems

Sun Damage

Smart Cover Customer Before And Afters

  • "Smart Cover takes years of damage and age from my face."-Jeri, Flordia
Before & After Aging Skin1

As women age, they face new challenges when it comes to maintaining the appearance of youth through healthy, glowing skin. Years of sun exposure and the natural aging of the skin result in several natural changes:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles, first around the eyes and eventually throughout the face
  • Thin skin that shows the vessels beneath or tough skin from sun exposure
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Uneven skin tone as a result of sun spots or over pigmentation

Although most women experiencing changes in their skin as a result of aging or exposure to the sun likely have a routine beauty regimen, changes in skin tone, complexion, and firmness require a change in beauty products.

Smart Cover is a comprehensive solution to an age-old dilemma. Customized for a full scale of varying skin tones, Smart Cover brings women a series of must-have products specifically designed to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and cover uneven skin tones due to dark circles and sun spots.

  • Smart Cover's Moisture Primer Lotion addresses fine lines and wrinkles by smoothing the skin before foundation application.
  • Smart Cover's Cover Stick and Concealing Cremes provide a finished product: glowing youthful skin that looks natural and effortless. And, it’s so easy to apply.
  • The Color Corrector lightens any of the shades .
  • Finally, Smart Cover's Vitamin Beauty Stick restores lost vitamins and nutrients to the skin and helps minimize the fine lines and wrinkles

The 10-piece Smart Cover Deluxe Starter Kit comes with each of these elements as well as brushes and sponges for only $38.95.