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Smart Cover Customer Before And Afters

  • "Although I don't normally cover up my birthmark I was impressed by this light weight, full coverage formula. It was easy to apply and easy to remove."-Sarah, Pawling, NY
  • "I love it! It's the best product to cover my Birthmark!"-Kimberly
  • "It matches my skin tone perfectly. I can't believe how natural it looks."-Anna
  • "Smart Cover has given me the confidence to wear even low-cut necklines. It's really changed my life!"-Linda, Flordia
  • "Smart Cover is by far the best concealer I have ever used."-Diane
  • "Now at last, Smart Cover's great formula gives me opaque coverage exactly where I need it."-Liesel, Flordia
  • "I absolutely LOVE Smart Cover! It allows me to wear my little black dress with total confidence!" - Diane, Pennsylvania
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Your birthmark is part of who you are, but you may have times when you want to cover it. A birthmark on the face can detract from your overall appearance and confidence. However, with the right makeup coverage, you can restore your confidence and fully hide that birthmark, allowing your own natural radiance to shine through. Smart Cover offers that coverage.

Covering a birthmark requires a special formulation with a higher level of pigmentation in order to fully cover them. Ordinary makeup is not sufficient to hide birthmarks.

Smart Cover Cosmetics brings the most advanced concealer with the greatest coverage known in the industry. Flori Roberts who created Smart Cover is known as the Pioneer of Camouflage Make-Up, and launched the first line of make-up designed for black women. Smart Cover goes beyond a typical concealer, offering the full, opaque yet natural coverage necessary to cover birthmarks.

Smart Cover's birthmark concealer will not clog your pores or make skin problems worse. It provides flawless coverage that blends beautifully with your natural skin tones, avoiding the "caked on" appearance so many thick concealers provide. The waterproof, smudge-resistant, sweat-proof, long-lasting coverage will keep you covered until you are ready to take it off. Our unique kits allow you to match your ideal shade perfectly, giving you the natural look you want, and all for less than $40.

You don't have to live with a birthmark you want to hide. Pick up your Smart Cover today, and look your best easily and affordably.