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Smart Cover Customer Before And Afters

  • Before & After"I was impressed with your cosmetics before, but now I am simply amazed! I fell recently and didn’t want to have to explain my black eye to the masses. You can’t even tell I have a black eye! Because of your awesome products, I am able to walk with my head held high and not hiding behind my sunglasses!"-Vicki, Pennsylvania
  • Before & After"Every day I see troubled skin. Fortunately for me I had recommended Smart Cover in my business."-Sandra Day, Skin Care Specialist
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From the time we are small children to our later years, bruises are a fact of life. Whether it is bumping your head during an intense game of beach volleyball or falling down while wearing a pair of stilettos, or medication side effects, a bruise can easily leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. Fortunately, there is an easy fix.

Smart Cover Cosmetics offers a Concealing Creme that is perfect for hiding any bruise. A few of the concealing creme's attributes include:

  • Smooth application that spreads evenly across your any skin type.
  • No mess matte finish.
  • Dermatologist-tested: non-comedogenic, allergy tested, fragrance-free, and no animal testing.
  • Waterproof, non-greasy, and smudge-resistant so that you can look beautiful throughout the day.
  • Wide-range of natural skin tone shades.
  • New technology for better use on face and body.

The next time that you have a confidence-reducing bruise, try using the Smart Cover Concealing Creme to cover-up, feel radiant, and walk around with your inner and outer beauty shining through.

Customer Praise for the Smart Cover Concealing Creme

As a skin care specialist, I see troubled skin every day. I regularly recommend Smart Cover in my business. Little did I know how valuable Smart Cover would become to me personally. I had a silly accident at home, where I tripped and literally fell. The next day makeup with Smart Cover looked so natural that no one would have guessed that I was hiding a confidence shattering bruise. Smart Cover made me feel beautiful again.